Has Medical Malpractice Affected Your Life?

At the Law Office of Hadley Sanders, P.A., we know that the negligence of a doctor or other medical professional can have a dramatic and devastating effect on your life. You may be facing anything from physical injuries to mental distress and anxiety. You may have even lost a loved one due to medical malpractice.

In these serious situations, you deserve a strong and experienced advocate on your side. Turn to our Pensacola-based lawyer, Hadley Sanders, for help. He will personally handle the details of your case and respond to your concerns. You can rely on our attorney for the attentive, thorough assistance you need.

Help After All Types Of Medical Negligence

We handle medical malpractice cases involving:

  • Surgical errors such as objects left behind or operating on the wrong site
  • Failure to diagnose cancer, heart attacks, strokes or other conditions
  • Birth injuries such as cerebral palsy or shoulder dystocia
  • Hospital-acquired illnesses and diseases
  • Prescription medication errors
  • Radiology mistakes
  • Anesthesiology errors
  • Other types of negligence

Be aware: In Florida, you have only two years to file a claim. If the statute of limitations runs out, you will lose the right to pursue compensation. Act now.

Pursuing The Money You And Your Family Need

Not every poor outcome or injury is the result of malpractice. If you truly do have a case, however, a lawsuit can potentially provide money to cover:

  • Your current and future medical bills
  • Your lost wages and lost earning ability
  • Your pain and suffering
  • The wrongful death of a family member
  • Other damages

Contingency Fees Mean You Have Nothing To Lose

Because we accept medical malpractice cases on a contingency fee basis, we get paid only if we successfully obtain a verdict or settlement for you. It costs you nothing upfront to get our lawyer on your side.

Call us today for a free consultation about your situation: 850-466-8349. You can also reach our Pensacola office online. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.